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Q.1 "Musophobia" is a fear of:

A. Snackes

B. Mice and rates

C. Spider

D. Lizards

Q.2 "Archipelago" is a:

A. Group of Islands

B. Group of Stars

C. Group of Trees

D. Group of Satellites

Q.3 When the Stock Market is going down, it is called:

A. Closing

B. Crashing

C. Bullish

D. Bearish

Q.4 Hundreds of People die when epidemics:

A. Break out

B. Break in

C. Break upon

D. Break open

Q.5 Which on is the antonym of "Filthy"

A. Poor

B. Offencive

C. Nasty

D. Clean

Q.6 Pick the wrong word:

A. Taranspyre

B. Transfer

C. Tranquil

D. Tranquility

Q.7 "Kindergarten" refers to:

A. Children School

B. Children Ward in Hospital

C. Children Garden

D. Children Infection

Q.8 Which of the following was not written by William Shakespeare?

A. Romeo and Juliet

B. The Return of the Native

C. Hamlet

D. A Midsummer Night's Dream

Q.9 "To wipe out" means:

A. Exaggerate

B. Emigrate

C. Eradicate

D. Exonerate

Q.10 Indicate the word most nearly the opposite in meaning to the word: "Onerous"

A. Frozen

B. Cheerful

C. Burdensome

D. Light

Q.11 Indicate the word most nearly the similar in meaning to the word: "Incendiary"

A. Cousing doubt

B. Causing fear

C. Causing death

D. Causing fire

Q.12 "De novo" means:

A. Old

B. New

C. Fast

D. Slow

Q.13 Pinpoint the substitute word of the given word: "Accumulate"

A. Eat

B. Win

C. Collect

D. Fight

Q.14 The foreighn phrase "Bona fide" means:

A. Intelligent

B. Anticeptic

C. Ecentric

D. Genuine

Q.15 What is "Amicus curiae" ?

A. A foreign person who is invited for royal investigation

B. A person who invent vaccine for pandemic disease

C. A person who did remarkable achievement in Journalism

D. A person invited for expert opanion in court of Law

Q.16 What is "Armageddon" ?

A. The final thesis of Phd.

B. The last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement.

C. A rivalry Cricket Match between Australia and New Zealand

D. A Critical heart Surgery

Q.17 What is meant by "causeway" ?

A. Narrow strait of water

B. Tropical desert

C. A raised path

D. A path in a forest

Q.18 What do you understand by "ad valorem"

A. According to situation

B. According to value

C. According to opinion

D. According to an expert

Q.19 Choose the correct meaning of "Zest"

A. great enthusiasm and energy

B. a traditional game of africa

C. a dry area in a atlantic ocean

D. a high level of IQ

Q.20 What do you understand by "laissez-faire" ?

A. The state under control by rebellions

B. Involvement of military in the affairs of state

C. Making high prices on commodities by state

D. The policy of leaving things to take their own course by state

Q.21 I am annoyed __________ the students.

A. with

B. on

C. at

D. to

Q.22 Choose the correct meaning of "Strenuous".

A. Coward

B. Strong

C. Honest

D. Brilliant

Q.23 euphonious is a synonym of:

A. pleasant-sounding

B. Awkward-sounding

C. Loud-sounding

D. No sounding effects on ears

Q.24 What is the antonym of "Servile"

A. fawning

B. Eternal

C. Assertive

D. humble

Q.25 That which can be reduced to dust or powder:

A. Integrate

B. Pulverize

C. Segregate

D. Verbatim

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