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Q.1 Who presided over the Cabinet Mission 1946?

A. Sir Stafford Cripps

B. Lord Pethick-Lawrence

C. Lord Wavell

D. A.V. Alexander

Q.2 War of Independence was fought in:

A. 1854

B. 1855

C. 1856

D. 1857

Q.3 Battle of buxer was fought in:

A. October 22, 1764

B. December 20, 1760

C. August 26, 1752

D. September 14, 1746

Q.4 The title of ''Lakh Baksh'' was earned by:

A. Qutub-ud-din Aibak

B. Iltutmish

C. Muhammad of Ghor

D. Ghiyas ud din Balban

Q.5 Panjand headworks was completed by Bahawalpur State in:

A. 1939

B. 1932

C. 1945

D. 1929

Q.6 The "Shahnama" was written by:

A. Saib Tabrizi

B. Nizami Ganjavi

C. Ferdowsi

D. Asadi Tusi

Q.7 When the national flag of Pakistan adopted?

A. 11 August 1947

B. 12 August 1947

C. 13 August 1947

D. 14 August 1947

Q.8 When Pakistan's first constituent Assembly constituted:

A. 12 August, 1947

B. 3 June, 1947

C. 30 September, 1947

D. 20 July, 1947

Q.9 Which language is prominent in Hazara Division?

A. Kashmiri

B. Hindko

C. Balti

D. Marwari

Q.10 Saiful Muluk is a mountainous lake located at the northern end of the _________________.

A. Naran Valley

B. Hunza Valley

C. Neelam Valley

D. Kaghan Valley

Q.11 Identify The Motto of Pakistan Army.

A. Toheed- Iman - Taqwa

B. Iman- Taqwa - Pride of Nation

C. Iman- Taqwa - Jihad-fi-Sabilillah

D. Iman- Taqwa- Pride of Nation - Jihad-fi-Sabilillah

Q.12 What is the name of Ranjha, the central chrachter of the legendary romantic tale "Heer Ranjha"?

A. Mian Murad Bakhsh Alias

B. Mian Khuda Bakhsh Kharrl

C. Mian Allah Dino

D. Mian Ghulam Rasool

Q.13 Which was the first country to recognized the Pakistan after it's Independence.

A. Afghanistan

B. Iran

C. China

D. England

Q.14 The first Constitution of Pakistan was abrogated by:

A. Malik Ghulam Muhammad Khan

B. General Yahya Khan

C. General Ayub Khan

D. Maj Gen Iskandar Mirza

Q.15 Which of the following districts of Balochistan contains huge deposits of Copper?

A. Zhob

B. Loralai

C. Khuzdar

D. Chaghi

Q.16 The National Anthem of Pakistan was approved by the Government in:

A. 1954

B. 1952

C. 1958

D. 1956

Q.17 Who is considered the first punjabi poet?

A. Khwaja Ghulam Farid

B. Sultan Bahoo

C. Baba Farid

D. Baba Bulleh Shah

Q.18 Name the author of "Not The Whole Truth".

A. Justice Rustam Kayani

B. General Qamar Javed Bajwa

C. General Hamid Gul

D. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

Q.19 According to Articles of 168 of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Auditor General of Pakistan is appointed by:

A. Chief Justice

B. Prime Minister

C. President

D. Chief Election Commission of Pakistan

Q.20 What was the magnitude of earthquack 2005 occured in Pakistan?

A. 11.3 M

B. 9.9 M

C. 8.4 M

D. 7.6 M

Q.21 Bala Hissar is a historic fortress located in_____________.

A. Peshawar

B. Quetta

C. Multan

D. Hyderabad

Q.22 Who wrote "Working With Zia" ?

A. General Mohammad Shariff

B. General Khalid Mahmud Arif

C. General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi

D. General Abdul Waheed Kakar

Q.23 How many number of seats are reserved for women in National Assembly?

A. 62

B. 53

C. 60

D. 57

Q.24 Umar Marvi is a folk story from __________.

A. Sindh


C. Balochistan

D. Punjab

Q.25 The ruins of Harappa are situated at the bank of river:

A. Ravi

B. Sutlej

C. Indus

D. Chenab

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